Caption is Hiring: Fall PR Interns

We are hiring Fall 2019 Interns!

PR: Caption is looking for fall interns who are professional, creative, organized and an excellent writer and communicator.


  • Know how to write press materials in AP-style format

  • Ability to multi-task and keep organized

  • Meet deadlines with the ability to reprioritize with content changing environment

  • Motivated, professional and dependable

  • Social media knowledge and expertise

  • Working towards a degree in Public Relations, Communications/Marketing

What you will be doing (varies day to day):

  • Research

  • Draft press materials (press releases, bios, media alerts)

  • Internal communications and organizational tasks

  • Creating media lists and compiling editorial calendars

  • Event management

  • Managing media coverage

This internship is unpaid, although it can be used towards college credit.

Start Date: August 2019

If Interested, please email your resume and two writing samples to

Celebrating Local with the One(s) you Love


Roses are red, but they can get boring so here’s a list guide that won’t leave your Valentine snoring! Here at Caption Communications, we have an extensive list of amazing, local Austin clients who offer some top-notch products that will be sure to please the one(s) you love most. 

Is the person you love a foodie at heart? Here are a few gift options that are not only delicious, but they won’t make you feel guilty for indulging:

1.    Superseed Well, previously known as Guiltless Goodies, has an array of goods made with their organic super seed flour. Choosing a favorite to share is super difficult, but their SuperFood Chocolate Glaze Donuts are the way to go or grab a bag of their SuperSeed Flour and spend some quality time baking your own recipe with your sweetie.

2.    Siete Foods offers grain free tortillas, tortilla chips, salsa, and so much more. Perfect for the health nut who holds the key to your heart.

If you’ve got dinner reservations taken care of but you’re still wanting to pamper your loved one, these options are for you:

1.    Conscious Goods is a home and body business dedicated to making products that are not only natural and good for your body, but good for the earth. Their bath bombssmell as good as they’ll leave your skin feeling, and you don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals or fragrances irritating your loved ones skin. Bring on full relaxation mode.

2.    At Hello Lash Studio. Eyelash extensions are in and not only do they make eyes look amazing, they save so much time in a makeup routine. This is a guaranteed win to make that special one in your life’s day.

Whether you’re looking for a fancy cocktail in a laid-back environment or you’re more of a relaxed “have a drink at home” type of person, here are a couple options for you:

1.    High 5 offers two locations, Central and Lakeway, and not only can you have a hand-crafted cocktail you can enjoy all the entertainment venue has to offer. A great food menu, bowling, arcade games, and they just added axe throwing! This is a great environment for the Valentine you just started seeing or your Valentine of many years. There’s plenty to do, delicious food, and impressive drinks. 

2.    Front Yard Brewing. While they aren’t a client of ours, they are local to Austin and have dang good beer.  Perfect for a relaxing date night in.

While gifts are great and these options are a surefire way to make a heart happy, nothing beats spending time with the ones you love. Happy Valentine’s Day XO

-Caption Communications

Making Mistakes at Work

Making mistakes at work can be horrifying, but it happens. Regardless of your role, there’s a chance you’re going to have a slip-up, but I truly believe how you handle the mistake can make a world of difference in how others, including your boss, perceive your error. It can feel like the end of the world, but here’s the truth- It’s not. 

 I joined the Caption team several months ago and felt an enormous amount of pressure to be the absolute best. Why? Well, I would feel this way accepting any job because I’m just wired that way, but even more so because Callie is a good friend and my background isn’t in PR. I felt I needed to really prove myself.  I’ve learned throughout the many roles I’ve played, that even if I do make a mistake, the world continues to turn as long as I have graciously taken responsibility and righted my wrong.


 With that being said, always strive for perfection, but allow yourself a nice, soft place to land when you do make a mistake. Here are a few tips on how to roll with the punches when it comes to making a mistake at work:

 1)    Prevention. Manage your time, so that you are able to take your time, double check your work, and give your full attention to what you are doing. Mistakes are much less likely to happen when you aren’t in a hurry. While this is sometimes unavoidable, clients push deadlines up, or last-minute emergencies arise, but it can really make a huge difference in your work and your business by allotting enough time to thoroughly complete your task and follow it all the way through. 

 Aren’t sure what was exactly asked of you from your boss or client? Maybe you’re new and still learning? Asking questions and getting clarification is always the best option and will help give you a clear understanding of the task assigned to you. I asked so many questions when I first started and continue to. Asking for help or asking questions and getting it right the first time, is far less time consuming than having to go back and do your work over again.  Knowing your clear path will help prevent mistakes. 

 2)    Own it. Honesty really is the best policy. Typo? Send an email to the wrong person? Just completely drop the ball and forgot to do something? Accept your mistake and apologize, which brings me to the next tip…

 3)    Learn from it. Make a mental note of what happened and how you can avoid that in the future. Making an error once is not a big deal, but a mistake that is made all the time can get frustrating to your superior and your clients. If it’s a mistake that is continually made, make a tangible note on a post it and stick it to the face of your computer so you always have a friendly reminder.

 Last, but the most important in my book:

4)    Move on. Don’t bring any more attention to yourself than need be- especially if it’s a big mistake. Acknowledge the error and come up with a plan of action. Profusely apologizing for the millionth time isn’t going to make it any better than apologizing once and getting it handled. Don’t beat yourself up. Allow yourself that grace- you aren’t the first person on planet Earth to screw up and you’re boss will appreciate your honesty and plan for next steps…

- Sam  

5 Tips to Finding Balance in the New Year

The New Year brings a fresh start and so much motivation. Farewell, 2018! After a busy holiday season, the opportunity to re-center your life, charge your battery and add some new challenges is exciting. One of my top resolutions is to learn to manage day to day stressors. With work and family, multitasking is key to maintaining everyone’s schedules, but it can be exhausting and taxing. Here are a few tips that I plan to incorporate into my day to day to help me help myself, keep my resolutions on track, and maybe help you to.

New Year Blog 3 pic.jpg

1)    Put time back into your schedule.

Begin or end your day with a little extra time. Wake up 15 minutes earlier. This small step can make a huge impact on your day. Skip the snooze button and start the day with your thoughts, a cup of coffee, or whatever suits your fancy. Not a morning person? Spend 30 minutes in the evening doing something that will make your morning easier. Make lunches, lay out clothes, or spend 30 minutes picking up clutter (this is huge for me so I can focus on the tantrums, I mean, easy-going personalities in the morning. Doing any “morning” chores prior to calling it a night, will make your morning run smoother. You may even be able to catch a few extra z’s. If you’re looking for a more relaxing task to complete- make time in the evening for a bubble bath. Light candles, put on a face mask, grab some of your favorite bath soak and a glass of wine. Whether you’re a night owl or a morning person, choose one or both and enjoy.

 2)    Plan a mini getaway.

Whether it be with your partner or best friend, plan a day or a night to get away. Let loose or slow down and relax. Plan ahead, book in advance. If you’re financially invested, the less likely you are to back out. I find having something to look forward to can also help my mind set when it comes to really pushing myself in my work. 

3)    Maximize your downtime. 

There are so many times where I find myself not having enough hours in the day to complete the work I need to get done. Ironically, there are so many times a day I find myself just sitting and waiting. Whether it be at a doctor’s appointment, on a flight, or waiting to pick the kids up from school- reflecting back on these moments I have realized I should be capitalizing on that time rather than just mindlessly waiting around. Even if it’s just an extra 15 minutes to make note of what I will complete the next day or that evening. I even bring my laptop with me for school pickups so if I’m early, I can log onto Hotspot and hash out a few things. Gathering your thoughts and ideas, taking those spare moments to organize your mind can make a huge difference in your schedule. Doing so can even help open up time in the evening for your family and yourself. 

4)    Plan strategically.

If your resolution was to stay fit and workout every day, make this happen by planning ahead. Have your gym back packed and ready to go in your car. This way you don’t have any excuse to not get your fitness on. Having a hard time finding a way to fit it in your schedule every day? Sub your sit-down lunch for a smoothie or protein shake and take it on the go. Pack your running shoes, grab your smoothie, and go for a brisk walk during your lunch break. Getting your steps in and having a healthy lunch allows you to stay on course and hopefully feel better about meeting your goals.

5)    Give yourself grace.

I think this is the most important tip of all. Getting off track, having an off day, and making mistakes are all okay. Learn to be okay with those flaws. The feeling of leaving something incomplete or not meeting a deadline can be so frustrating and honestly, it’ll drive me crazy. Its going to happen so roll with the punches and allow yourself to be imperfect.  Learn to become okay with your flaws, but pick it back up the next day and grow from it. This is an ongoing mantra over here!

New Year Blog 2 pic.jpg

Event Planning 101 - 'Tis the Season

The holiday season is upon us. Thanksgiving and Christmas are literally around the corner and the party rsvp’s are rolling in. Between Friendsgiving, office parties, family dinners, and preparing for everything Christmas, this time of year can get busy- especially if you’re the host.  

Event planning, large or small, may seem overwhelming, but don’t throw a holiday party “cold” turkey. Prepare, execute, and enjoy. Here are a few simple tips and some questions you’ll be asking yourself along the way.

Creating a guest list and selecting the date of the event is a great place to start. A lot of what is planned will be centered around your guests and how many you’re expecting. Who is invited? Family, friends, or both? Work Christmas party? Regardless of the size of your party, I suggest keeping a list and requesting a rsvp. While I love a formal, snail-mail invite, times are a changing and technology has made it so easy to send an E-vite and have the website do most of the work for you. The receiving party can easily respond by clicking “yes or no” in response to their attendance and the website keeps everything organized for you. Easy as pie. I was always taught to expect, at least, half of your guest list to respond yes. Once you have a rough draft of your guest list, an estimated head count, and a few dates in mind you can start searching for the perfect location. 

The location of choice should align with the amount of people you plan to host. If your home is capable of hosting your entire family comfortably, then save the money and capitalize on that. If you need to opt for a much larger space, consider the vibe of the event when looking for the right layout. Dinner and drinks? Dinner and dancing? Appetizers and cocktails? Check out several locations before committing to see who works best with your budget and the date you are wanting to host your event.

Once you have those three major to-dos checked off your list, all the little details can start to come together. 

The event menu for food and drinks can be reviewed and finalized. If pot luck is your style, I suggest using Sign Up Genius. It’s a great way to keep the menu organized and it keeps track of who has signed up to bring which dishes to share. It will also send your guests reminders as to what they signed up for -Another GENIUS techy tool that is super helpful. 


Make a list and check it twice. Cheers!


Happy Holidays to you and yours.


Mega Happy List

Sam here! October is here, too!! My favorite month of the year. Seriously, ask me when the best time to visit Austin, Texas is and I’ll tell you October. Basking in the newness of the season change and the first of my favorite month, I am really trying to reset my mind and focus on the positives. Brainstorming ways to boost my mood and remind myself to embrace the calm. Too often I find myself caught up in my day to day schedule. As busy mom of two, my schedule is hectic. Between my three-year old’s twice a week therapy session, school drop offs and pickups, errands, housework, and working several odd jobs- life is BUSY. It becomes so easy to get stressed out and caught up with ALL THE THINGS, I forget to slow down and appreciate all that there is. I forget to live in the now, which is so important.  

Here are 50 things that bring me joy and bring me back to my center. Big and small and in no particular order:

1.    70-degree weather in Texas. Something about steeping outside in the morning to cool crisp air just makes my heart sing. It’s a nice reset from the scorching temps.

2.    My son has an aversion to food. This is a huge stressor to me. Today at school, I was talking to his teacher about this and the assistant teacher join the conversation letting me know her son was the same way and also went to therapy for it. I just about cried know that out of all the classes, there was someone with my son who understood. Who would know how to guide him through his meal time at school.

3.    HAIR BOWS. I have a legit obsession with finding small shop, unique hair bows for my daughter. 

4.    SPARK from Advocare. I can’t drink coffee, and most other caffeine drinks really don’t settle well either. SPARK gives me life in the mornings and my tummy tolerates it just fine. 

5.    My family (insert all the heart emoji’s here).

6.    My mom and mother in law. The past few years I’ve really established an adult relationship with both of them and they have been so amazing guiding my husband and I through parenthood. I am extremely blessed.

7.    White Noise. This keeps my daughter napping for SO LONG. Which gives me time to do things. Like write my list of happy.

8.    October. My favorite month of the year.

9.    Warm towels after a really long shower. This doesn’t happen often, but when it does it is such a treat.

10.  Finding money in your pocket. Who doesn’t love that. 

11.  Blow drying my hair and it actually looking good after. Not frizzy, just smooth.

12.  Making a new friend

13.  Movie theater popcorn

14.  Snap Kitchen delivery

15.  Toothless baby, gummy smiles

16.  Leopard print anything

17.  Clean house

18.  One pan dinner

19.  Crockpots

20.  Staying in a hotel. I don’t know why but I love to stay in hotels. 

21.  Classic cars. To be honest, I don’t know anything about classic cars, but I love the way they look and love the vintage vibe.

22.  Greys Anatomy. My favorite show of all time. Season 15 returns tonight and I’ve got my DVR set to record, so I can watch after both babies are asleep.

23.  Exercise. Something I don’t do enough of, but MAN. Endorphins really do make you happy.

24.  Legally Blonde. I’ll watch it a million times and it will still never get old. 

25.  Seeing my friends succeed. I LOVE hearing that my peers are doing well and making moves.

26.  Buying fall scented hand soap. Method brand, in particular. I just bought the pomegranate scent. *Washes hands 100 times a day*

27.  While we’re on the topic of Fall, Fall Brew. This is something I’ve been doing for years and is a great way to fill your home with the smells of the season without heavily scented candles or spray. Put all the ingredients in a pot on your stove, stir, and let it simmer. 

a.    Cinnamon sticks

b.    Orange slices

c.     Whole Cloves

d.    Nutmeg

e.    Water

28.  When my favorite jeans are on sale. 

29.  I started watching another kid the same age as Zander when they were both 16 months old. After I had my daughter, I took a little break from nannying, but recently have been watching her again a day or two a week. It makes my heart so happy to have her around again. She is the funniest and sweetest little girl. They play so well together. 

30.  Planning our next vacation.  My husband and I are terrible at taking time for each other, so we’re planning an amazing California road trip.

31.  When all our laundry is clean, folded and put away. For the 5 minutes it lasts, I am so happy about it. 

32.  Candid pictures of my loved ones

33.  Sushi

34.  A good burger

35.  When a “healthy” treat is actually healthy and tastes good. 

36.  When I’m getting gas, I have a weird OCD tendency. I have to get to a whole number. If I even go one cent over, I have to get to the next whole number. When I hit a whole number right on the first try, I do a happy dance in my head.

37.  Reconnecting with old friends

38.  A fresh mani/pedi with my usual tech

39.  Rainy days

40.  Hot showers in the morning

41.  Homemade pizza

42.  Indulging in dessert 

43.  Having a really productive day

44.  Bubble bath and face mask

45.  Fresh sheets 

46.  Getting my car professionally detailed

47.  Playing peek-a-boo with my baby

48.  Freshly vacuumed rug

49.  Grilled cheese and tomato soup

50.  Naptime

What makes you happy? Have you ever sat down to list at least 10 things in your life that generate happiness for you? It’s something that we don’t do enough but a wonderful reminder on how lucky we are, even when we have our own trials and tribulations going on. 

Xo - Sam

Vitamin F...Floral Arrangements for Fall


I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, Flower Power, but did you know there really is power within the flower? The people of the sixties knew what they were talking about. I recently read that having fresh flowers in your home can drastically improve your mood. What we’ve been doing for years, such as bringing flowers to the ones we love and wishing them well, is actually supported by scientific evidence to increase your well-being. There has also been a study in myhousehold that has shown I am 100% less likely to stay upset if I receive flowers (I’m kind ofkidding), but seriously it DOES help. The colors and fragrant petals really do brighten up any room and any mood. 

With that being said, don’t wait around for someone to bring you a fresh bouquet of Vitamin F(lowers). In fact, I regularly buy myself flowers.  I typically buy a bouquet that’s already arranged, but I thought it would be fun to try my hand at flower arranging and create my own. 

Here are a few tips that I find helpful:

-       Prepare everything before getting started. Measure and trim your flowers according to the height of your vase. Fill your vase with water and flower food. Trim the leaves from your flowers.  Clean up all your trimmings, so when your arrangement is finished, all of the “work” is taken care of and you can enjoy your masterpiece.

-       Use tepid water. This is supposed to help closed blooms open up, especially with roses.

-       Start with a base flower, larger flowers, i.e: sunflowers or hydrangeas and work your way up. Sunflowers are a favorite right now and stay within the fall palette.

-       Add in three’s. When you begin adding flowers to your vase, add three at a time. I didn’t think this was a super important rule. To be honest I didn’t even plan to follow it, but low and behold, I found that three really is the magic number.

I also came across some tips that didn’twork for me, but that’s not to say they couldn’t work for you:

-       Trim with a knife as opposed to kitchen shears. Too hard and I’m all about sticking to what’s easy. 

-       Use scotch tape to create a grid to keep flowers in place. I didn’t have scotch tape, so I can’t speak truthfully to this exact tip, but I did try to use a plastic wrap…anyways, it didn’t work. I did read that using floral foam is a great way to keep flowers in place and keep them hydrated. Maybe next time but again, I’m always for an easy tip. I think if I were using a very large open vase, the scotch tape trick would work, but the vase I was using had a small opening. Once I got going and added the base flowers, I found they helped keep each other in line. Team work.

Along with these tips and some trial and error, I managed to create a really pretty arrangement. However, I don’t think I’ll be making a living off of it anytime soon. Major props to those who have to ability (and patience) to produce beautiful, unique arrangements. Throughout my veryshort-lived floral career, I took note of some tips of my own creation:

Arrange your flowers, take a break, and then come back. I found several things I wanted to change to achieve the final look. I did this several times and each time gained a new perspective.

Here is a good guideline of what to buy and what I bought. You probably don’t need as many flowers as you think. I purchased enough flowers to make two arrangements, a large and a small: 

o  A good base flower: Sunflower. I purchased an entire bouquet of sunflowers but really only needed 3-4.

o  A bouquet of filler flowers: I went with two different “fillers,” mums and daisies. While they were different colors, their petals are very similar and one or the other would have sufficed.

o  A WOW flower: My selection was a few peach colored roses. I actually bought the perfect number of roses, three. Again, three is the magic number! 

o  Some fun accent flowers: Golden Buttons. Accent flowers can be used to add a different pop of color or texture.

o  Lastly, add the greenery: A sprig of eucalyptus and some safari sunsets. To be honest, I had no idea safari sunsets were even a thing, but they have a lovely green and red color that really added so much to my arrangement.

In conclusion, go grab some flowers and get busy. Call up your girlfriends, stock up on wine and plan a fun and unique girls night in or just plan some ‘me’ time and treat yourself. You deserve it.


Summer to Fall. Wardrobe Transition Edition.


Summer is coming to an end and we believe this is reason to celebrate, especially living in Texas. Goodbye triple digits! I am seriously ready for fall. The season change is also a great opportunity to refresh your wardrobe and transition your style to prepare for the cooler months ahead. 

Since I tend to get overwhelmed when it comes to fashion and styling outfits, I’ve put a lot of thought into how I’m going to revamp my attire this fall. I’ve adopted a semi-minimalist approach to reviving my wardrobe lately. Shopping quality basics to allow myself an easy way to look and feel good, but not have to spend hours searching through my closet and steer clear of clutter. 

Before I began my wardrobe haul, I invested some time to do a major summer clean out. If I hadn’t worn an item in 1-2 years or it was something that was constantly in my “just thrown on the floor” laundry rotation, it had to go. I try to do this twice a year.

Next, I scoured fashion bloggers for upcoming trends and focused on what they re-wore in the majority of their posts. These are the quality pieces I’m talking about and looking for. Timeless pieces, like a good pair of denim jeans, that will last for years to come and can be worn through all seasons. I’ve linked a couple of my favorites below:

-       J.Crew  - Classic Dark Denim

-       Express - Trendy Raw Hem

-       Madewell - High Rise Skinny  

The real fun comes, however, when you find those PERFECTon trend, seasonal pieces. The standout earrings, sunglasses or cardigan. Those fun items that really bring the entire outfit full circle. 

I have had my eye on some great items perfect for a seamless transition into fall and are sure to carry me through the chilly weather:

Leopard print, cheetah print, and snake skin.

-       It’s coming back and while animal print tends to be outside of my comfort zone, I have fallen completely in love with these leopard print mules at Nordstrom. Whether they are dressed down with leggings and a slouchy tee, or dressed up with jeans and a cute blazer, these shoes are sure to jazz up any outfit. 

In Texas, the days that you need an actual heavy coat are slim. While I believe you always need a good, winter coat (just in case), the truth is I don’t wear one often and can typically get away with a long sleeve shirt with a light jacket or cardigan to stay warm.

-       I have found a handful of jackets that I’m loving. It’s going to be difficult to narrow down, because it’s Texas and having six jackets doesn’t fall in line with my new minimalist approach. This distressed denim jacket from Nasty Gal is on my wish list. Zara also has several jackets I can’t wait to try on, including this hooded number and this millennial pink, belted denim jacket.

I’m also in the market for a “leather” or biker style jacket.

-        A faux leather jacket can be styled so many ways and is a fun way to add some edge to your outfit. Most retailers I’ve come across only offer a red, black, or brown biker style jacket, so it was refreshing to see this gorgeous gray color at Goodnight Macaroon. I came across Goodnight Macaroon via Instagram and I’m so glad I did.


-       While I have a collection of yoga pants, I really need to incorporate some leisure onlyathletic gear this fall. My saving grace on the days when I want to look cute but need the comfort of sweat pants. These leggings from Nordstrom are on the top of my list. Athleisure is so versatile, works well through all seasons, and is comfortable. The most important reason of all.

Last but not least, no fall wardrobe is complete without a pair of booties. 

-       I’m seeing so many statement booties and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t praying for cooler weather to give this trend a try. These Vince Camuto’s offers some simple detailing and it’s that moto-inspired lacing that makes the entire shoe. Here is a similar style I found at DSW that is a more affordable option. Both retailers offer several color choices. 

What fall trends are you most excited for?