Brewing a Brand

Brew and Brand, two of the hottest new words

Every one you meet these days is connected to the brewing industry, maybe not directly, but everyone has a friend of a friend brewing up craft beverages in their living room or a newly rented warehouse in South Austin. As of March 2015, the U.S. is home to more than 2,400 craft breweries and we are rapidly colonizing what one might call the “craft-beer frontier.”

No doubt our lives are better for it. Better for the investment these individuals make in the success of their competitively brewed product.

The same care is often invested in the marketing and image of the product, a grass-roots initiative with creative control of their brand. Only five years ago you would’ve been met with a questioning stare if you asked someone about their brand strength. You wouldn’t have even thought to mention brand guidelines or the voice of the brand.

Today, the brand drives the client selection from the long refrigerated isles at Whole Foods and HEB. It’s cold in that isle, no time to waste perusing each and every can or bottle. “What image connects with me?” “What fun-to-be-had connects with my expendable income?”

The fastest growing brewery in the country is Karbach Brewing Co. right here in the great State of Texas! The growth rate fluctuates regularly but at the time of this post they are at a record 1,112%. The next Texas brewery is Austin Beerworks at 394%, followed by Rahr & Sons in Fort Worth at 54%, then Southern Star Brewing in Conroe at 52%, and 512 Brewing Co. at 49%.

The distribution, capital for growth, brew masters and so much more make this success possible but every can knows it’s only as good as the brew inside.

To get that beer out in the world, the tab on the can or tap on the keg must first stand out from the crowd to get pulled open.

CAP Communications Group has had the pleasure to work with two breweries on the rise, Oasis Texas Brewing Company and Hullabrew at Hullabaloo Diner.

We’ll tell the Hullabrew story to start.

This brewery started in a storage shed and today sells out before production can begin.

We had the privilege of getting to know our clients; it’s a privilege because this isn’t always the case when brands are established. It’s the most vital part of the brand and this step is skipped so many times. So many start with trying to stand out from the competition, but if the brand is driven by what is unique to the people behind the brew, then it will have a voice.

The cigars and tattoos that filled the tasting room led to the sketches of skulls dripping with hops beards and smoky cigars.

The sketch was erased and re-sketched.

The art was converted to vector and the logo was born.

vector beer logo

Taps were welded together and the voice of the brand was defined.

Soon after kegs were empty, thirst was quenched and brew and brand continue to rule the popular vernacular!

beer party on deck