Kelsey Chapman’s 5 Day Gramathon Challenge



 Weren’t apart of the five day Gramathon challenge? Fear not, we were! Summarizing five full days of Instagram advice would be a little bit of an “information overload” for you, so we picked our top three favorites:


1.    Mindset Behind Influence by Kate Crocco

Kate Crocco is a Confidence and Mindset Coach for ambitious female entrepreneurs. Kate uses her clinical expertise as a trained psychotherapist, along with her experience of owning both a local and online business.” – Kelsey Chapman

She gave us advice on mindset and how that mindset can dramatically affect our Instagram success. Here are some quick tidbits from the positive guru herself:

·      Your mindset can either propel you forward or pull you back.

·      Our mindset’s usually pull us back because we limit our beliefs and how much influence we can have on others.

·      The more you go out there as YOU and talk about your mission, value and desires, the right people will be attracted to you and the wrong people will be repelled. 

·      Talk about your dreams and goals, why you’re out there and what you’re doing. 

·      The more you share about you and your journey the more confident you will be in showcasing your talents and profession.  

·      Being yourself attracts people like you and helps build your circle or “tribe.” 

·      Eventually being yourself and being confident in your content will make an impact on others.

·      Start today by choosing something small that pushes you a little out of your comfort zone.


2.    Branding Your Instagram Like a Boss by Michaela Jansen Jatavanha

“Michaela is a strategic web designer by day, beachside always. She is originally from Cape Town, South Africa and now lives in a seaside town in Brazil with her handsome husband and pups. She's been working with entrepreneurs for 8 years, and specializes in creating great client experiences that transform clients into ambassadors for your brand.” – Kelsey Chapman

Michaela gave us her top three tips on how to build an Instagram that’s effective and useful. Here are her three steps to creating a cohesive brand on Instagram: 

·      Write a bio that grabs attention.

o   Needs to answer what you do, why they should care and how they can learn more.  

o   Make the most out of your one link in your bio by using Linktree. This gives you the opportunity to direct users to more than one link.

·      Stick to your brand’s look and feel. 

o   Match your images to your brand’s tone, style and color scheme.

o   Use Planoly or ColorKuler to do a mini color audit to begin creating a tone and color scheme that perfect for your brand.

·      Stick to your brands voice. 

o   A large part of branding yourself is through the stories you tell. 

o   Create a cohesive feeling through not just your images but also the messages your relaying to the public.


3.    Networking With Instagram by Lauren Taylor.

“Lauren Taylor is a blogger and founding editor of The Letter.” – Kelsey Chapman

Lauren gave us some unforgettable advice on the importance of Networking on Instagram and four quick tips on the best way to start your Insta-networking journey:

·      Communicate on time. By being an effective communicator with a brand/client you are not only showing you care, but also prioritizing their business.

·      Exceed their expectations but don’t over commit. Putting in extra work and always keeping an eye out for fresh innovative new angles shows your commitment to your client and their potential.

·      Sometimes opportunity trumps money. When new opportunities arise, especially when your first getting started, make sure you think about it and if it’s beneficial for you and the brand. Choosing to involve yourself in new projects can open doors for even bigger opportunities.

·      Always stay genuine. You don’t want to work with a brand that has nothing to do with who you are. Stay upfront with brands as well and make sure a partnership with a new client is beneficial for both of you.