Agenda: Big Bend National Park  


We’ve all heard of Big Bend, but did you know it’s a national park and not a state park? We think of this little corner of Texas as the best not-so-secret park and we are excited to add it to your bucket list. If you’re heading that way from ATX like we did, we’ve got the inside look on where to stay, what to do and what to bring.


If you’re planning to venture that way, we highly recommend a pit stop in one of the quirky towns on the way to rest your eyes so you can enter the park refreshed and ready to explore. This stop doesn’t have to take away from your adventure. In fact, it should add to it! Here’s where we stopped on the way back that made for an amazing experience:


Pit stop – El Cosmico in Marfa. Ever stayed in a Yurt? What about a restored 1960’s airstream? A Tepee? No? Neither have we, until we stopped at El Cosmico. This place is the perfect cozy, cute and quirky stop that leaves you feeling like you just walked straight out of a movie. Staying here leaves you with the chance to wake up bright and early and have a whole day at the park to get settled and still squeeze in a hike or two. Not to mention you can spend the day in the art town, Marfa, if you want to add a little extra vacation day on to your trip.


The Adventure – No question, if you’re going to Big Bend you HAVE to (not should) stay at the Chisos Basin camp site. The camp site is surrounded by magnificent red cliffs that catch fire when the sun rises and sets. It leaves you waking up and going to sleep mystified. While you’re there, be sure to check out the Lost Mines Trail, it’s roughly three miles and leads you up a mountain to an unforgettable view with the freshest and most pure air. If you’re up for a little drive, we highly recommend checking out the natural hot springs pool that’s about 30 minutes from your camp site known as the Boquillas Hot Springs.


Essentials – Besides the obvious camping supplies (tent, stove, boots etc.), there are a few things we often forget to bring that we believe are crucial. If you’re not accustomed to sleeping on rocky terrain, we highly recommend a cot. The last thing you want is to be restless all night and feel drained the next day for your adventures. Next, don’t forget your swim suit! Even if you don’t plan on visiting the Boquillas Hot Springs, El Cosmico has “starlight tubs” that are delivered to your doorstep for a little midnight dip under the stars.


Now get out there and start exploring!