Cold and Cozy Must-Haves

The time has come where Texas has started throwing us random cold fronts that come and go so fast we have began to slowly create a summer/winter hybrid closet. Great news though -- each cold front is one step closer to full-time sweater weather. With winter on the rise, we’ve slowly been trying to find what essentials are necessary to keep us fashionable but not freezing. We’ve come to realize that we can’t always get that new Free People jacket that taunts us in our emails. However, there are plenty of other affordable options that will keep you up to date with this year’s fall/winter trends: 

Fuzzy Coat: As much as we’d like to drop $200 on a fuzzy coat, it’s just not an option. Luckily, there are sites out there like Nordstrom Rack that understand these struggles and give us an out. This fuzzy bundle of joy will keep you warm, snuggly and snazzy for the cold nights to come!


Little Black... Turtle Neck: This is a key element to getting through winter season. I mean, what DOESN’T a black turtle neck go with? Aside from being totally flattering and adorable, it can pair with just about any winter bottoms or coat. The best part - they are everywhere (meaning you don’t have to blow your money on it) and come in tons of colors. We think everyone should invest in black, white or grey (or all three). 


Statement Booties: Wearing all black is always a great go-to, but why not throw in a little spice? A pair of bold booties is a great way to turn your simple outfit in to a statement. We’ve watched printed booties take over the fashion world and we are excited to jump on board. Give your feet a moment in the spotlight with these gorgeous (and affordable) boots.