New Year, New You (For real this time…)

Like every year, health and personal wellness always finds its way back onto our New Year’s resolutions list. We moved into January fully motivated to kickstart the new year with new goals...then came February. We had to make a solid effort to maintain those goals. When life starts to pick up, it’s easy to put that goal on the backburner for a while and forget we put it there. NOT THIS YEAR!  When we thought of all the little stresses that creep into our lives sometimes, we realized how crucial it is to take time for your physical and mental health! With that said, here are the top five things CAP Communications Group is dedicated to doing this year for US!  

1.              Nama-stay Calm

Yoga has become a major outlet for us when we are in serious need of some peace of mind. It’s the perfect way to relax, unwind and get a little work out in the process. The best part- you don’t need an athletic background to reap the benefits of yoga. It’s a combination of breathing techniques, meditation and body positions designed to enhance your balance and flexibility. Want to try it out? Our favorite source for trying a variety of studios is through Class Pass, This allows us to be flexible, no pun intended here, and find a studio that’s convenient for where we are and when we can drop in.

2.              Treat Yo’ Self

As women, we understand that there are unspoken little must-do’s when it comes to our appearance. Wildflower Beauty Lounge offers what we consider life changing beauty treatments, including hair removal, facials, and microblading. We are hooked to all Wildflower has to offer and this is CAP’s go-to for beauty solutions. The owner and Esthetician, Channing Jackson, worked with us to create eyebrows that we definitely consider natural, full and on point!  For more information visit

3.              Something to take the edge off...

After hours of leaning over our laptops and running errands back and forth, our muscles have the tendency to tighten up like their saying “SLOW DOWN!”  More times than not, we ignore what our bodies are saying and keep trudging through our days, knots and all. That’s why we think it’s crucial to set aside an hour or so to listen and care for your body. What do we do? Massages! Who doesn’t love surrendering themselves to joys of muscle relaxation? If you’re wanting to try it out, but aren’t sure where to go, we have found our go-to masseuse, Melanie at Healing Hands in Austin!    

4.              Ain’t No Mountain High Enough...

...To keep us from seeing that 360 Bridge View! Although yoga is always a fun option when you’re thinking of exercising, sometimes you need to get that heart rate a little higher! If this is the case, there’s no better way than taking yourself or your family out to explore all the awesome hikes the Austin Hill Country has to offer! Grab a healthy snack and enjoy it at the top of your hike while looking out over Austin’s beautiful scenery.

5.              Wine about it!

After all the yoga, hiking and facials though I can honestly say that sometimes the only cure for the Monday blues is a glass of wine and a spot on the couch with your name on it. Set aside that project for a moment, close your laptop and just SIP! Life can throw us some curve balls at times but when the going gets tough, kick up your feet with a big glass of “C'est la vie” and unwine-d!

Xox & Cheers,

The CAP Comm crew