All Things PINK

At CAP Communications Group, we work for, collaborate and are passionate about numerous nonprofits around town. We are dedicated to sharing stories and creating content that make inspiration a core element to our client’s strategy. By inspiring people through highly-sharable content, and connecting people to the impact of the cause, always resonates and leaves us with the craving to help more.

One nonprofit our #boss is committed to, has experiences with and actively involved in, is the Susan G. Komen Austin foundation. Komen is encouraging the community to help fight to end breast cancer through these several events that lead up to the Race this year:

Dine Out for the Cure

Amplify Austin

Pink Party SXSW

NEON Pink hosted by the Komen Jr Executive Board

Wacoal’s Fit for the Cure

Party Dance Pink!

8th Annual Bun Run for the Cure

Race for the Cure!!

For more information, visit and the Komen JR Executive Board for events benefitting Komen Austin,