Do ever wish you could pause life for a second and catch up on those 100 assignments that have slowly begun to pile up in your agenda? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Sadly that isn’t an option though. So what do we do? Sit back and slowly let the pressure of the world take over us? Absolutely not - we take action! More times than not, it’s our lack of time management that ends up putting us in those tight spots. Here’s CAP Communication Group’s top 5 ways to better manage your time in order to create a better work flow in your life:  


  1. Buy a planner: This alone could easily cut your scheduling anxieties in half. Prior to having a planner there wasn’t much in our lives that didn’t come without an “oh my gosh I almost forgot!” right after it. The right planner can give you a safe place to store your passwords, important dates and most importantly your agenda. Investing in a planner will not only help you keep track of your schedule but also set an organized ambiance for all aspects in your life.

  2. Plan ahead: We all know how important it is to plan ahead for the big stuff, but what abou the small things? There are so many little moments in our day that are wasted because our phone dies or we can’t figure out what we want for lunch. Try and plan ahead for life’s little inconveniences every night before you go to bed. Double to check to make sure the phone is charging and the alarms are set. Figure out lunch plans for the next day - or go a step further and make your lunch that night. Have the coffee station set up and ready to be utilized. Doing this will create a consistent and effective flow for your day!

  3. Do one thing at a time: This one should be a piece of cake if you follow step two! Don’t try and talk to the babysitter while working on your proposal due in an hour. That’s the easiest way to forget something or lose a minor (but major) detail in the chaos of multitasking! Since you planned your day ahead, dedicate that little extra time to each individual task. By giving all the little pieces of your day the attention they deserve, it’s almost impossible to lose focus.

  4. Give yourself breaks: Breaks don’t need to be major. In fact, they don't need to exceed two minutes. However, they are crucial to maintaining your mental health. Between each project be sure to sit back and reflect on the progress you’ve made. This is crucial to managing your time because it helps you spot any mistakes made along the way that could potentially mess up your whole week. Don’t forget to remind yourself how great your doing too!

  5. RELAX: Yes, this one seems more like a time waster than a time saver. However, our minds can only take so much - we are only human! You can’t give your life your all if you don’t allow your mind, body and soul the chance to unwind. At the end, or even the middle, of your work week treat yourself to the gift of doing nothing. How does this help you manage your time? I’ll tell you how - reconnecting with oneself allows them to come back to whatever challenges they are facing with a fresh mind. This allows us to efficiently and effectively take on all tasks at hand without spending an accidentally hour having an emotional break down.