Our Ultimate Guide to Staycations

As parents, co-workers and just everyday people we understand how hard it can get juggling all the different hats we have to wear on a daily basis. Sometimes all we need is a vacation, but given our busy schedules it’s often something that gets farther and farther out of reach everyday. So do we completely neglect our need for a break from reality? Absolutely not! It’s time to treat yo’ self to a Staycation - the best way to escape without leaving the comforts of your own area. However, if you want to make the most out of your Staycations, here are some tips and suggestions to consider before you venture out.


  1. Identify your goal: There’s always something in our lives that is essential to us yet ends up being thrown under a pile of responsibilities. Whether it’s health, relaxation, relationships - you name it - it’s your job to pinpoint what you want to reconnect with on your little escapade. By doing this, finding the perfect Staycation with the ultimate results will be a piece of cake!

  2. Fully commit: The purpose of your Staycation is to get back to the basics with yourself and reconnect with that missing link in your life. The only way to fully connect is to fully disconnect. Put aside that laptop and cellphone and take a break from the nonstop world of technology and be mindful to yourself and your surroundings.

  3. Plan in advance: Yes the planning is minimal, but it’s still crucial. Although spontaneity can be exciting - it can also be disastrous. Carefully analyze your schedule and upcoming responsibilities and find the perfect time in your schedule where you’re not distracted by a looming deadline or project. Work in advance to get on top of your responsibilities so you come back refreshed and on top of things.

One great perk to living in Austin is the diverse opportunities it creates. Once you’ve established your goal, committed and created that perfect spot in your schedule, it’s time to plan your trip! Here are a few of our favorite local and nearby places to reconnect with our mind, body and soul!

  1. Mind: Mt. Gainor Inn - Really give your mind a break from the hustle and bustle of urban life and unwind at this southern charm bed and breakfast. Finally get that peace and quiet you've been looking for and enjoy gorgeous views from your country suite. Mt. Gainor Inn offers a variety of indulgences including hot tubs, cycling and wine tastings. Sit back, relax and let your mind breathe! Location: 2390 Prochnow Rd, Dripping Springs, Texas

  2. Body: Geronimo Creek Retreat - If you’re looking for a unique experience - this is the place to go. Geronimo Creek Retreat offers amazing accommodations including treehouses, tipis and cabins. Stretch those legs out on a morning hike or get those arm muscles moving on an evening canoe trip! Whatever you’re looking for, this place offers a magical experience to escape into the forest for a little bit (with air conditioning of course). Location: 2050 Laubach Rd, Seguin, TX 78155

  3. Soul: Hotel Saint Cecilia - Aside from the glowing “soul” sign by the pool, this is definitely the place for some prime-time soul-searching. Hotel Saint Cecilia was built with a creative ambience that allows you to embrace the beauty of art and music without leaving your room. Each room has a personal record player and the hotel provides a large inventory of records you can sing to. Relax poolside and enjoy an atmosphere that “embodies an equal love for the elegance of the old word luxury and the irreverence of our muses.” Location: 112 Academy Dr, Austin, TX 78704