Food for Thought...Literally!

We are all trying to find that next go-to life hack, but sometimes it's hard finding one that actually makes a positive difference in our lives. Life, unfortunately, keeps flying by us and it's important we keep up with the hustle and bustle. We need to stay mentally strong and keep our minds sharp for whatever life has to throw at us next. One way we can keep ourselves mentally in check is with our diet. Here are three foods to add to your dietary routine that are proven to improve your memory and brain power!

Wild Salmon – Yum, right?! Luckily this is something that we can add to our diet without adding to our waist lines. Wild salmon keeps those creative juices flowing because it is known for stimulating the growth of brain cells in your brains memory center! Not to mention it’s easy to cook too!

Blueberries - I know what you’re thinking… what real impact could that tiny little fruit have on my day-to-day thinking? The answer is EVERYTHING. Blueberries are power-packed with brain-protective antioxidants which help decrease your risk of memory loss and increase your capability for bad-ass creative thought flow! Throw in some blueberries in your next morning smoothie and your set!

Eggs - Rise and shine! Eggs are not only an easy addition to your morning, but also your health. In simple terms, eggs contain antioxidants that are known for keeping brain cells moving, growing and working efficiently! Although they contain cholesterol - it's actually beneficial for your brain flow. Boiled, cooked, poached - the opportunities are endless…

So let's get cook'n and keep our brains move'n!