Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother’s Day! We know it's easy to go for that go-to bouquet of sunflowers or scented candle. We know with the hustle and bustle of life there isn't always time to dive in to Pinterest for the perfectly-unique-but-totally-affordable present. Here are some not-so-every day, and more affordable, presents you can surprise your mom with this year:

1.     Even when you’re not there… I had a friend do this for her mom last year and I can't wait to do it this year! Sometimes we can't always be there when we want to be, so it's important we remind our love ones we are still there in spirit. Paint/print your favorite quote that defines your mom to you and frame it so she can always look at the wall and know someone thinks the world of her!

2.     Stay-At-Home-Spa - Who has the time (or the money) to plan a whole spa day with all the crazy things going on in life these days? Give your mom the freedom of having a spa day without the hassle of rearranging her agenda. Stop by your local Lush and get her the prettiest bath bomb you can find with a fabulous robe and wine bottle to match!

3.     YOU - That’s right… you. More times than not it’s not the gift your mom will remember, it’s the quality time spent with you. Take your mom and your planner out for a nice glass of wine and discuss some mutual upcoming free time you plan on spending together. It's the gift that keeps on giving!