Summer Festival Outfit Survival Guide

It’s official, summer is upon us and festival season is here! Whether you’re in to art, music or food, the Austin area has a little bit of everything to cater to your interests. However, you can’t take on this season’s hottest festivals without the right outfit to get you through those long-hot-summer days and nights. Being the festival-goers we are, we came up with a few outfit survival tips to help you get the most out of your festival festivities this year in ease AND style.



SHOES: This is a big one…you’re going to be depending on your shoes for 8-12 hours so choose wisely. We get it though – beauty is pain and sometimes you must risk the comfort of your feet for the fight for fashion. If your anything like us though, if the shoes aren’t comfortable they end up in my purse an hour into wearing them.

OUR TIP: New Balance, Adidas or Converse! Yes... they aren’t your typical go-to pair of sandals but both New Balance and Adidas have recently made a comeback in the fashion world so it’s easy to sport these bad boys and still feel like a bad ass. Just wish we kept ours from the 90s!

Here’s a pair we’ve had our eyes on recently to give you a little inspiration…


OUTFIT: Nothing says, “I hate myself” like wearing a strapless bra to a festival. In other words, avoid them and any outfit dependent on them at all costs! I’m not saying you must surrender yourself to a sports bra – but be wise on what you’re about to put your “girls” through.

OUR TIP: Breezy with a bralette! A bralette is an easy way to dance your way through each concert in style (and comfort). Top it with an easy breezy dress and there you have it. Cute and cozy – what more could you want?

This is a dress and bralette combo that would look great with your new pair of new balances ^…


ACCESSORIES: If you’re from Texas, you know the sun is something that can’t be avoided – but it can be tolerated! There are ways (aside from sunscreen) to protect your skin and eyes from the harsh summer rays while keeping you on the road to being a fashion icon.

OUR TIP: Sun hat! No, this does not mean you must go for the tacky-tourist floppy hat. You can find a stylish in-betweener that protects your face from the dreaded festival sunburn and your eyes from missing your favorite concert due to sun-blindness.

Here’s a go-to festival hat (that would pair well with your new dress, bra, and shoes…hint hint)   


There you have it people; Enjoy and fest on!