Three Easy Ways to Eat an Avocado


If you’re anything like us, an avocado is often your go-to snack. It's a healthy (but still delicious) way to keep you thriving between breakfast and lunch without throwing all your calories for the day down the drain before even hitting dinner. Sometimes though, just scooping out that green-goodness while running out the door can get a little old and repetitive. Here are some "avocado hacks" we've figured out to keep your snack healthy but diverse!


Tropi-cado - Oh yeah, it means what you think it does - a tropical avocado! This one requires a little prep time but it the pay off is huge. All you need is a mango, pineapple, cilantro, onion and a lime. Dice it all up, put it in a bowl, throw some lime in there and you've got yourself a tropical salsa. Next time your running out the door, dump some salsa on your avocado and you've got a whole new meal!


Avocado Toast - Yes this seems basic, but there are a lot of ways you could go with this. Our favorite way is to toast your bread in the oven with some goats cheese. While it's toasting you can fry up a quick egg and slap in on top when the cheese is melted. Bada-bing, bada-boom!


Avocado Salad - This is a nice lunch and dinner in-betweener because it's very light but gives you a lot of energy. Cut up a tomato, cucumber and avocado any way you prefer and toss it together with some olive oil, balsamic and salt! It's easy to store in your work-place fridge and super easy to snack on!


Get snack'n and stay healthy!