See the Vision, Be the Vision


There are certain PR boss lady's advice we value more than others (check out our go-to PR blog post). One project we've noticed that come up in all of them is making your own vison board. What is a vision board you may ask? It's a personalized board made specifically to cater to you and your goals, dreams and desires. Its purpose is to be a daily reminder of why you're busting your buns day in and day out!


There are many ways to make your vision come to life - but our favorite is by using a bulletin board. Pick a spot on your wall that you can't miss and hang that sucker up. Before you get started, jot down a few of your life long dreams and come up with small ways you are reminded of them every day. By doing this, it'll make it easy to recognize different tangible pieces of inspiration throughout your day. As you go through your every-day-business-day, try and collect little notes, pictures and quotes that inspire you and begin pinning them onto your board. Before you know it, your vision board will be exploding with inspiration for you.


Vision Board FAQ

Where do I put it?

We think your vision board should be either in the center of where the majority of your creative juices being flowing (office) OR right in front of you when you wake up every morning (bedroom). I personally put mine in my room to get me jumping out of bed each morning! 


How long does it take?

The limit on this project is completely up to you. I think the more time and patience you put in to it the better because you need to be selective about what you’re choosing to look at every day for inspiration.


What are the benefits?

The real question is, ‘what AREN'T the benefits?!’ But really, we have already gotten so much out of our vision boards and are only just beginning. It has allowed us to track success’, brainstorm creative ideas, and motivate ourselves to be a better version of ‘ME’ every day!