The Power of Personalization

Let's face it, we all think we are pretty damn fantastic and what's better than someone making us feel like they think we are fantastic too? Personalization is a key ingredient to building positive, fruitful relationships because it makes us feel like more than just a drop in the ocean to someone in their large-network of humans they are constantly dealing with on a daily basis. By choosing to get to REALLY know someone, you are choosing to send each email and make each phone call with the mission of making someone feel special.


One great way to start the mission of "getting personal" is to always use someone's name (more than just at the hello). It's proven that people tend to engage better in conversation when they are personally addressed throughout it. That doesn’t just apply to emails either, you can practice this in emails and even in casual conversation with people you meet every day. Taking little opportunities to make people feel special always pays off and makes you stand out.


Another great way to get personal is to keep track of what people are up to and incorporate that in your conversations. Are you pitching to an influencer? Ask about their most recent vacation or their latest big success to make them feel like they aren't just one of many in a mass email blast. Make sure to follow the people in your network on social media(s) to keep up with their lives and events! By doing this it also influences those people to follow you back and build up to follow/follower ratio. Who doesn’t want that?! With the non-stop advances in technology, it's becoming more and more normal for things to feel less personal. It's up to us to keep the beauty of good conversation and genuine relationships alive by taking small steps towards personalization!