Top Editing Apps To Make Your Photos Stand Out



Let's face it, no one has time to invest in that $1,000 camera and then actually have the time to learn how to use it. However, with the world becoming more and more tech-savvy you need to find a way to turn those iPhone pictures in to professional ones (without having to go pro). Luckily for us there are countless apps out there designed specifically to do just that - it's just a matter of finding the perfect ones! After years of trial and error with different apps, it's safe to say we've found a few go-to's that will turn your pictures from drab to fab.


Afterlite - If you are just getting started in the social media world, Afterlite is the way to go! It's a free, easy way to brighten up your photos and has tons of different filters to help you find the perfect look. This was my go-to app for years and I have had nothing but great experiences with it.


ColorStory - Once you've gotten the hang of picture editing and are ready to really test your skills, ColorStory is the answer. Sadly, most of the best filters cost money but they are so worth it. This app has all the fixings of AfterLite plus a wider variety of filters and extra perks including light leaks and sun spots - they really add a natural yet professional touch to your photos.


Facetune - This app has been a real game changer for us lately. Like ColorStory, it’s a financial investment but the results are major! Facetune allows you to go in and fine-tune the little things to make your photos look more clear and higher resolution. You can enhance details, whiten teeth, and blur out backgrounds. I mean, who doesn’t want whiter teeth?!


VSCO - If you've got a niche for taking awesome photo's already and are looking for some more inspiration, VSCO is for you! It allows you to not only edit your photos, but create an archive of them that other people can have access to so they can get a taste of your work. You can also follow other photographers with similar style to yours to feed your creativity!