Our August Obsessions

Every now and then it’s necessary to broaden your horizons whether it be your style, music, literature etc. - change is always refreshing. We decided to dive in to some new things this August as a tribute to the end of summer and the start to a new season of work. Here's what we've been dig'n this August…



The album Blossom by Milky Chance is one we stumbled upon at Montreal, Canada music festival, Osheaga, and have been listening non-stop ever since. (check out a personal fav, Firebird)



Jumpsuits. We know, it's nothing new or up and coming, but it’s definitely something we've been throwing on a lot more than usual. It's a classic, easy and simple way to look good and still be comfortable. Here's one we've had my eyes on recently… 



"Why Him?" Strictly for comic relief (which is always necessary). We came across this movie on a flight back to Texas and were in tears the whole way home. Probably not a family movie night choice, but definitely something to watch after a long day’s work with the girlfriends to stare at James Franco’s hotness.