Oh the places you will go...

Think back to your last vacation (if you can remember it) … what has kept you from taking another one? We don’t know about you but a work schedule alone keeps us jammed-packed and then when you add on motherhood, a social life and much needed “me-time,” a vacay almost seems impossible. Not only that, but a plane ticket isn't always the easiest financial decision either. Needless to say, traveling is a hassle - but it’s worth the hassle. So how do you live your "best life now" without making it complete chaos?


Pencil it in: Look at your schedule - do you have free time? No? Me either. Just because you don’t have two weeks to spare doesn’t mean you don’t have 2 days. We sometimes think our next vacation is meaningless unless it involves us sitting in a lounge chair in Italy drinking a glass of chianti. Yeah that would be great, but maybe not this year. However, there are places you can escape to for a few days that can still fuel your inner adventurer.


Sedona, Arizona - Known for its natural healing vortex's, what better place to go than Sedona? It’s an easy trip that’s worth the planning. Sedona alone offers plenty of activities (free of charge) to keep your schedule as occupied as you want to make it. Get your heart rate up on one of their many scenic hikes or swim in a natural watering hole - the opportunities are endless (and the plane tickets are cheap)!


Ashville, North Carolina - Speaking from personal experience… this place is worth it. Ashville gives you a variety of things to explore. If you’re looking for some spectacular views take a hike up the smoky mountains and there you have it! If you're not looking to break a sweat though the town itself is filled with charming bars, restaurants and bed and breakfasts to fuel your getaway needs. 


Montreal, Canada - Okay… let’s say America just isn't cutting it but France is a little out of reach. A ticket to the French-Canadian wonderland, Montreal, can be extremely affordable if bought in advance. The town is filled with art, culture and great people! Summer weather rarely goes above 75 degrees and there are enough sites, hikes and croissants to keep you happily occupied : ) 


No more excuses, people! Get out there and get exploring!