Random Acts of Discipline  


We’ve all heard the saying “random acts of kindness,” but just recently I learned from a fortune cookie that there are more renditions of “random acts of…” out there that we should really be investing in. In this case, random acts of discipline. At first, it was something I blew off (and went straight to the cookie) like we do with most cliché-sounding one liners found in desserts. Mid-cookie though, my brain had finally processed that what I just read was pure gold.


So, what does it even mean? Why is it worth reading a whole blog of blab over? To me, at least, it was a soft but necessary reminder that a large goal cannot be fulfilled without the completion of your small goals (and those small goals can’t be achieved without even smaller goals). In other words, you can’t make it to the big leagues without some serious practice – make sense? This little bit of wisdom is now something I carry with me every day and creeps up in the back of my mind every time I’m too lazy to make the bed, wash the dishes or even throw a gum in my purse versus throwing it away. These are random acts of discipline – things that don’t necessarily change the course of your day on surface level, but have a huge impact on your frame of mind.


In the long run these acts of discipline will create a more efficient life as you train your mind to want to accomplish things that better yourself, even if just in minimal ways. Think big leagues, remember? With that being said, find those moments you slack in and improve them because you get one life and you might as well work to improve it in every way possible. When you catch yourself putting something out of place, or taking the easy way out, back track and do it right.


How can you start now?

1.     Watch this video I saw this morning when I was too lazy to get out of bed (I’m now out of bed and 3 goals deep).

2.     Make your bed.

3.     Recognize negative thoughts you have daily and replace them with positive ones that drive you.

4.     Eat more fortune cookies (wink wink).

5.     If you left a sock on the floor, pick it up (before it becomes 20 socks on the floor).


These are just examples in my own life I work on, everyone’s are different. What are yours? It’s time to find out!