What I Learned from a Summer with CAP Communications Group  


As the “new girl” on the CAP Communications Group team, I still have a lot to learn about what it means to work in the ever-changing field of Public Relations. Prior to being the personal assistant to boss babe, Callie Neatherlin, I had close to zero hands-on experience with PR, so jumping in to CAP working with Bud Light this summer rocked my world to say the least. I watched one of the most noteworthy events in ATX unfold from behind-the-scenes and learned a lot about myself as a business professional in the process. With that being said, here’s my advice to you if you’re like I was and are about to embark on your first professional adventure…


Trial and error is your closest confidant – Don’t let that discourage you, though. If your anything like me, you will probably send in your first assignment in a pink trendy font thinking it’s the most business-professional option (lesson learned). At the time, these small failures may seem discouraging but they are the most beneficial aspect to your growth. Every mistake opens a door for improvement!


If someone you trust trusts you, trust yourself – I know, what the heck does that even mean? In other words, if your boss gives you an opportunity to prove that you can do something on your own – take it. It’s nerve-racking writing up your first press release or contacting your first media professional, I get it. However, if someone is willing to entrust you with a task, it’s more times than not because they know you are capable of doing it, and doing it right.


Every opportunity is one worth taking – Say what you want about how cheesy that line is (I’m cringing myself) but I can’t stress it enough. Not only are you immersing yourself more in a professional atmosphere but your surrounding yourself with people who can motivate you to be better than you are. I get it, life picks up and it’s hard to take every opportunity sometimes. However, the more time you spend with successful, inspirational people the more you can envision yourself as one.


Thanks CAP Communications Group, and Callie, for the best summer of my life!