Three Goals You Should Have This Fall


A new season can come and go without us even noticing, until all of a sudden, we are swapping out our tank tops for sweaters. It’s hard to look at a new season as anything but a new work week – but are there benefits to these new seasons? The answer is yes. With each new season comes a new playing field of what people want/need in their lives. As a business professional, its important you’re actively cheering people, and yourself, on to the new possibilities that come with the changing of the leaves. Here are three goals to set for yourself this Autumn.


1.     Build and maintain three new relationships. I’m sure you already have your “squad” – but when did a new member (or three) ever hurt? Bringing a fresh new face and personality to your life can add a whole new set of values for you to admire and adopt. Why three? Because the more people you invest in, the more you’ll have in return and the wider your network becomes. Also, who doesn’t want a new happy hour cohort?


2.     Work out (?) many times a week. Yes, the question mark was on purpose and not an accidental type-o that was missed during revisions. The amount of physical activity you want is completely up to you. Setting a goal too high will just discourage you. Setting a goal too low will just bore you. Look at your schedule and figure out when you can squeeze in a hot yoga class or a long walk around the neighborhood. It will clear your mind and leave your body refreshed for your next move!


3.     Treat yo’ self.  By that I mean, go shopping. Yes, I’m actually telling you to take a break from work in the name of new shoes. It’s important to switch up your wardrobe because it creates a fresh new look for your clients, but most importantly yourself. Look good, feel good is our mantra. Keep your individuality alive and start a new season as a fresh, new you.