Mega Happy List

Sam here! October is here, too!! My favorite month of the year. Seriously, ask me when the best time to visit Austin, Texas is and I’ll tell you October. Basking in the newness of the season change and the first of my favorite month, I am really trying to reset my mind and focus on the positives. Brainstorming ways to boost my mood and remind myself to embrace the calm. Too often I find myself caught up in my day to day schedule. As busy mom of two, my schedule is hectic. Between my three-year old’s twice a week therapy session, school drop offs and pickups, errands, housework, and working several odd jobs- life is BUSY. It becomes so easy to get stressed out and caught up with ALL THE THINGS, I forget to slow down and appreciate all that there is. I forget to live in the now, which is so important.  

Here are 50 things that bring me joy and bring me back to my center. Big and small and in no particular order:

1.    70-degree weather in Texas. Something about steeping outside in the morning to cool crisp air just makes my heart sing. It’s a nice reset from the scorching temps.

2.    My son has an aversion to food. This is a huge stressor to me. Today at school, I was talking to his teacher about this and the assistant teacher join the conversation letting me know her son was the same way and also went to therapy for it. I just about cried know that out of all the classes, there was someone with my son who understood. Who would know how to guide him through his meal time at school.

3.    HAIR BOWS. I have a legit obsession with finding small shop, unique hair bows for my daughter. 

4.    SPARK from Advocare. I can’t drink coffee, and most other caffeine drinks really don’t settle well either. SPARK gives me life in the mornings and my tummy tolerates it just fine. 

5.    My family (insert all the heart emoji’s here).

6.    My mom and mother in law. The past few years I’ve really established an adult relationship with both of them and they have been so amazing guiding my husband and I through parenthood. I am extremely blessed.

7.    White Noise. This keeps my daughter napping for SO LONG. Which gives me time to do things. Like write my list of happy.

8.    October. My favorite month of the year.

9.    Warm towels after a really long shower. This doesn’t happen often, but when it does it is such a treat.

10.  Finding money in your pocket. Who doesn’t love that. 

11.  Blow drying my hair and it actually looking good after. Not frizzy, just smooth.

12.  Making a new friend

13.  Movie theater popcorn

14.  Snap Kitchen delivery

15.  Toothless baby, gummy smiles

16.  Leopard print anything

17.  Clean house

18.  One pan dinner

19.  Crockpots

20.  Staying in a hotel. I don’t know why but I love to stay in hotels. 

21.  Classic cars. To be honest, I don’t know anything about classic cars, but I love the way they look and love the vintage vibe.

22.  Greys Anatomy. My favorite show of all time. Season 15 returns tonight and I’ve got my DVR set to record, so I can watch after both babies are asleep.

23.  Exercise. Something I don’t do enough of, but MAN. Endorphins really do make you happy.

24.  Legally Blonde. I’ll watch it a million times and it will still never get old. 

25.  Seeing my friends succeed. I LOVE hearing that my peers are doing well and making moves.

26.  Buying fall scented hand soap. Method brand, in particular. I just bought the pomegranate scent. *Washes hands 100 times a day*

27.  While we’re on the topic of Fall, Fall Brew. This is something I’ve been doing for years and is a great way to fill your home with the smells of the season without heavily scented candles or spray. Put all the ingredients in a pot on your stove, stir, and let it simmer. 

a.    Cinnamon sticks

b.    Orange slices

c.     Whole Cloves

d.    Nutmeg

e.    Water

28.  When my favorite jeans are on sale. 

29.  I started watching another kid the same age as Zander when they were both 16 months old. After I had my daughter, I took a little break from nannying, but recently have been watching her again a day or two a week. It makes my heart so happy to have her around again. She is the funniest and sweetest little girl. They play so well together. 

30.  Planning our next vacation.  My husband and I are terrible at taking time for each other, so we’re planning an amazing California road trip.

31.  When all our laundry is clean, folded and put away. For the 5 minutes it lasts, I am so happy about it. 

32.  Candid pictures of my loved ones

33.  Sushi

34.  A good burger

35.  When a “healthy” treat is actually healthy and tastes good. 

36.  When I’m getting gas, I have a weird OCD tendency. I have to get to a whole number. If I even go one cent over, I have to get to the next whole number. When I hit a whole number right on the first try, I do a happy dance in my head.

37.  Reconnecting with old friends

38.  A fresh mani/pedi with my usual tech

39.  Rainy days

40.  Hot showers in the morning

41.  Homemade pizza

42.  Indulging in dessert 

43.  Having a really productive day

44.  Bubble bath and face mask

45.  Fresh sheets 

46.  Getting my car professionally detailed

47.  Playing peek-a-boo with my baby

48.  Freshly vacuumed rug

49.  Grilled cheese and tomato soup

50.  Naptime

What makes you happy? Have you ever sat down to list at least 10 things in your life that generate happiness for you? It’s something that we don’t do enough but a wonderful reminder on how lucky we are, even when we have our own trials and tribulations going on. 

Xo - Sam