Event Planning 101 - 'Tis the Season

The holiday season is upon us. Thanksgiving and Christmas are literally around the corner and the party rsvp’s are rolling in. Between Friendsgiving, office parties, family dinners, and preparing for everything Christmas, this time of year can get busy- especially if you’re the host.  

Event planning, large or small, may seem overwhelming, but don’t throw a holiday party “cold” turkey. Prepare, execute, and enjoy. Here are a few simple tips and some questions you’ll be asking yourself along the way.

Creating a guest list and selecting the date of the event is a great place to start. A lot of what is planned will be centered around your guests and how many you’re expecting. Who is invited? Family, friends, or both? Work Christmas party? Regardless of the size of your party, I suggest keeping a list and requesting a rsvp. While I love a formal, snail-mail invite, times are a changing and technology has made it so easy to send an E-vite and have the website do most of the work for you. The receiving party can easily respond by clicking “yes or no” in response to their attendance and the website keeps everything organized for you. Easy as pie. I was always taught to expect, at least, half of your guest list to respond yes. Once you have a rough draft of your guest list, an estimated head count, and a few dates in mind you can start searching for the perfect location. 

The location of choice should align with the amount of people you plan to host. If your home is capable of hosting your entire family comfortably, then save the money and capitalize on that. If you need to opt for a much larger space, consider the vibe of the event when looking for the right layout. Dinner and drinks? Dinner and dancing? Appetizers and cocktails? Check out several locations before committing to see who works best with your budget and the date you are wanting to host your event.

Once you have those three major to-dos checked off your list, all the little details can start to come together. 

The event menu for food and drinks can be reviewed and finalized. If pot luck is your style, I suggest using Sign Up Genius. It’s a great way to keep the menu organized and it keeps track of who has signed up to bring which dishes to share. It will also send your guests reminders as to what they signed up for -Another GENIUS techy tool that is super helpful. 


Make a list and check it twice. Cheers!


Happy Holidays to you and yours.