New Year versus This Year

Okay, ya’ll - Spring is officially in full force, Mercury is in retrograde, and our resolutions are… reso-lost? Fear not, they aren’t lost for good. When the “New Year high” as I like to call it wears off and reality sets back in, it’s easy to leave that new diet or side hustle in the dust along with 2017. It’s time to check back in to those resolutions and resurface your excitement for personal growth this year.

Why are resolutions important? Glad you asked ;) Resolutions, by definition, are a means to resolve. What you chose as your resolutions for this year are like a little love note from the “2017-you” on ways you can make this year better than the last – who can offer you better advice than YOU? Review your list and evaluate what you have been really doing (or not doing) to improve those areas of your life. For me, it’s digital organization. Did I organize the files on my computer? Nope. Should/Will I? Yup. Why? Because it’s a habit that I know will dramatically improve my life an increase productivity – who doesn’t need more of that?!

How do you reestablish resolution enthusiasm? Easy – revisit 2017. Painful, I know. What did you feel like? Look like? How was your work ethic? Home life? Social life?

*shines light in face and continues interrogation*

Kidding, but really, revisiting that time in your life is the only way to resurface the desire for change – or celebrate new changes. Take a mental note of last year compared to this one and see where you have improved and where you still need improvement. For me, I struggled with being able to create a relaxing atmosphere for myself when I desperately needed it. What did I do? Got a plant, some candles and decluttered my space so it became a place of rest not reminders of looming tasks. Improvement! Next stop, that digital organization I keep putting off.

What can you do right now? Take a you-moment and answer these questions.

1.     What resolutions have I thrown on the back-burner?

2.     What resolutions have I actively worked on?

3.     What areas of my life are causing me stress?

4.     What areas of my life offer me relief and joy?

5.     How can I incorporate my resolutions in to my daily routine?

6.     Why am I awesome? (Not related but you deserve to celebrate yourself *go you*)

Life is happening whether we like it or not folks. Why not make it as magical as possible?