All You Need is Love…And a Whole Lot of Adventure

With our moods changing everyday, it took a while to narrow down a theme for our summer "mood board". After diving in to different possible elements, it became more of a quest to determine the outcome of our summer. To no surprise, it was clear every thought ended in adventure - but what does that really mean? Are we propelling down a waterfall in Costa Rica? Riding elephants in Bali? Exploring the coast of Italy? I know what you're thinking - slow down ya'll, summer is only one season. We get it, trust us. When you have kids running around, it's hard to plan your next excursion across the world. However, that doesn’t mean we abandon our sense of adventure, we just get more creative with it. 

Our mood this summer is finding adventure in the ones we love. Sometimes we get so caught up in where we want to be instead of where we are. We forget to look around and notice the wonderful life happening all around us. But a trip to daycare is not going to fulfill your desires versus a trip to Africa. True, but what good comes out of constantly wishing you were somewhere else?

We challenge you to embrace each little moment in your life this summer as an adventure. Use every opportunity and obstacle to get to know your family (and yourself) a little better. Get to know your hair dresser, find a new trail to jog on with your stroller, attend one of Austin's (many) free summer festivals - the opportunities are endless and waiting for you! Each day is happening and it's up to us on how we let that day go. 

Here are few "at home" adventures to try this summer: 

·      Have a themed dinner once a week - can't get pasta in Italy? Bring Italy to you! 

·      Go to Wildseed Farms in Fredericksburg - almost as pretty as flower farms in Norway 

·      Spend a day at the zoo - one step closer to that Africa trip you have been dreaming of 

·      Set a new workout goal for the week and find new places to fulfill it 

o   Goat yoga 

o   Hiking/cliff jumping at Pace Bend 

o   Soul Cycle 

·      Redecorate (or rearrange) your home - almost like staying in an AirBnB right?!

Your life and those you love are the greatest adventure of all, ya'll! Happy summer!