PR Fun Facts


When people think “public relations,” there are very few times they are actually thinking about what PR is. We get a lot of “oh that’s pretty much advertising, right?” or “so you plan events?” – no and no we do not just plan events. Public Relations is a dynamic role that helps build and maintain a presence for a company/brand. We are the liaison between you and a brand to conquer any question or crisis that may arise. Remember the Blue Bell listeria crisis? That was us – not the listeria, but the reason you’re out there eating it again despite the health risk. 

Here some fun PR facts to help you get a little more familiar with what we do… 

1.    Contrary to popular belief, Public Relations rarely works around a budget. Our goal isn’t to buy exposure, it’s to create it through relationships with the media and the community. We create strategies that cater to every client that help them gain the publicity they need without dropping 2K on a magazine ad. What does this require? Emails – So. Many. Emails. It requires creating a scenario in which our influencers want to talk about our brand – free of charge! 

2.    We are the city that never sleeps (please ignore my sad attempt at grabbing your attention). What do we mean by that? Public Relations isn’t just getting the local radio show to talk about our exciting new local gluten free bread, it’s being prepared for any crisis that might come from it. Remember what I said about Blue Bell? That’s what we mean. It’s creating an “on-the-fly” strategy to keep a brand from going down in flames. Que the pressure

3.    We write A LOT. When we aren’t talking with our clients, odds are we are buried behind the tabs open on our computer researching, writing and planning our next move. We run the before, during and after of each event. We get the word out then follow up about how awesome it was. This requires us to have to adapt to a lot of different voices. Every client is different and the demographic associated with them is different plus requires a new angle every time. How we approach a pitch and a crisis is completely different (as you can imagine). 

We love our jobs. We get the opportunity to know different brands and the exciting communities that come along with it. We get to exercise a new creative strategy with each new project that constantly keeps us on our toes! And, we get to share our passion and collaborate with people like you. What can we help you with? Do you have a brand that needs to be polished, pushed and talked about?