5 Tips to Finding Balance in the New Year

The New Year brings a fresh start and so much motivation. Farewell, 2018! After a busy holiday season, the opportunity to re-center your life, charge your battery and add some new challenges is exciting. One of my top resolutions is to learn to manage day to day stressors. With work and family, multitasking is key to maintaining everyone’s schedules, but it can be exhausting and taxing. Here are a few tips that I plan to incorporate into my day to day to help me help myself, keep my resolutions on track, and maybe help you to.

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1)    Put time back into your schedule.

Begin or end your day with a little extra time. Wake up 15 minutes earlier. This small step can make a huge impact on your day. Skip the snooze button and start the day with your thoughts, a cup of coffee, or whatever suits your fancy. Not a morning person? Spend 30 minutes in the evening doing something that will make your morning easier. Make lunches, lay out clothes, or spend 30 minutes picking up clutter (this is huge for me so I can focus on the tantrums, I mean, easy-going personalities in the morning. Doing any “morning” chores prior to calling it a night, will make your morning run smoother. You may even be able to catch a few extra z’s. If you’re looking for a more relaxing task to complete- make time in the evening for a bubble bath. Light candles, put on a face mask, grab some of your favorite bath soak and a glass of wine. Whether you’re a night owl or a morning person, choose one or both and enjoy.

 2)    Plan a mini getaway.

Whether it be with your partner or best friend, plan a day or a night to get away. Let loose or slow down and relax. Plan ahead, book in advance. If you’re financially invested, the less likely you are to back out. I find having something to look forward to can also help my mind set when it comes to really pushing myself in my work. 

3)    Maximize your downtime. 

There are so many times where I find myself not having enough hours in the day to complete the work I need to get done. Ironically, there are so many times a day I find myself just sitting and waiting. Whether it be at a doctor’s appointment, on a flight, or waiting to pick the kids up from school- reflecting back on these moments I have realized I should be capitalizing on that time rather than just mindlessly waiting around. Even if it’s just an extra 15 minutes to make note of what I will complete the next day or that evening. I even bring my laptop with me for school pickups so if I’m early, I can log onto Hotspot and hash out a few things. Gathering your thoughts and ideas, taking those spare moments to organize your mind can make a huge difference in your schedule. Doing so can even help open up time in the evening for your family and yourself. 

4)    Plan strategically.

If your resolution was to stay fit and workout every day, make this happen by planning ahead. Have your gym back packed and ready to go in your car. This way you don’t have any excuse to not get your fitness on. Having a hard time finding a way to fit it in your schedule every day? Sub your sit-down lunch for a smoothie or protein shake and take it on the go. Pack your running shoes, grab your smoothie, and go for a brisk walk during your lunch break. Getting your steps in and having a healthy lunch allows you to stay on course and hopefully feel better about meeting your goals.

5)    Give yourself grace.

I think this is the most important tip of all. Getting off track, having an off day, and making mistakes are all okay. Learn to be okay with those flaws. The feeling of leaving something incomplete or not meeting a deadline can be so frustrating and honestly, it’ll drive me crazy. Its going to happen so roll with the punches and allow yourself to be imperfect.  Learn to become okay with your flaws, but pick it back up the next day and grow from it. This is an ongoing mantra over here!

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